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Our products comply with the main national and international standards (CFE, ANSI, NMX, ASTM, ASCE, AWS, IEEE). 
FORMET offers design services and fabrication of hot dip galvanized steel structures

Transmission Towers

From 69kV up to 768kv FORMET has the capacity to fabricate galvanized steel lattice towers.

FORMET is uniquely capable to supply complete aluminum towers or replacement components for existing aluminum tower installations.

Our engineering department is qualified to design and detail steel and aluminum lattice towers. Where full-scale tower testing is required, FORMET makes use of the services of one of the available commercial test facilities located in the U S, Brazil, Spain and Turkey to conduct the required tests to our clients’ requirements.

Our Quality Control department assures that our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the appropriate international and national norms, such as NMX, CFE, ASTM, ANSI, ASCE, AWS, IEEE and CSA. We rely on up-to-date, on-site, laboratory equipment and trained personnel to verify the product’s quality through each step of the manufacturing process. All appropriate norms and the client’s specifications are monitored and documented for compliance with the requirements of our Quality Control Program and ISO-9001:2015 Certification.


As part of FORMET’s constant pursuit of
innovation, we have developed our TOWERpole structure, a “small footprint” steel lattice tower solution. TOWERpoles have the advantage of being pre-assembled by Mexican personnel and delivered in convenient nominal forty foot sections, resulting in unmatched in-place structure economics, minimum field assembly
requirements and shorter construction timeframes.

FORMET has the capability to develop a TOWERpole line restoration system suitable for rapid emergency restoration of line voltages 69 – 500 kV using standard mast sections and structure accessories in variable configurations in a fraction of the time comparing it to standard lattice steel towers.


FORMET manufactures steel poles for use in transmission lines of up to 400 KV for customers in the public and private sectors.


We have the ability to provide high and low profile substation steel structures. Substation structure offerings include A-frame, H-frame, Static Masts and equipment stands such as Bus supports, PT Stands, Switch structures, CAP Banks and Square takeoff bays.

Special structures

Our processes and fabrication capacities allows us to offer different types of solutions:

  • Telecommunications towers
  • Structures for photovoltaic panels

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