Corrugated Steel Pipe


Corrugated Steel Pipe

FORMET offers the best solution and alternative for highway and mining sectors keeping in consideration environmental, economic and logistical challenges, bringing the best cost-benefit solution in the market.

Transverse drainage

It causes rainwater in communication channels; as well as storm drainage in industrial and private parks

Bridges and underpasses

Ideal when speed and minimum costs are required for foundations and structures to allow water from rainfalls flow through and as an alternative solution for vehicular underpasses.

Storm drainage

It directs the water flow caused by rain into streams whether in open or private lands.


Corrugated steel pipes are the best option for its versatility, application, manufacturing speed and assembly; easily transported as these structures are made of plates that are assembled on site.


  • Conveyors Protections
  • Stock pile
  • Air Tunnels
  • Rail Pass
  • Vehicles Underpass

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