The LP gas industry continues working, even in difficult times

The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to adopt new behaviors. Industries such as LP gas have adapted to the new pandemic related work plan requirements in order to continue operating and supplying  homes and businesses.

The LP gas industry continues to support critical infrastructure by continuing to operate and provide this necessary resource; absence of LP gas in homes, hospitals and businesses could create major complications.

The LP gas industry has proven to be essential. In the Americas, for example, distribution plants and distribution units such as bobtails, cylinder trucks and service stations continue to operate through the crisis, while following the protocols recommended by national health institutions.

The LP gas industry continues  to operate and provide this resource to  families, homes and businesses that require it.

The LP gas industry is seeking ways to overcome the crisis and ensure the adequate distribution of gas. By working with the commitment that characterizes the industry, we strive to make sure that our customers do not lack this vital resource.

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